I have 10+ years of experience pioneering innovative cross-platform media strategies for leading entertainment networks. As an early adopter of digital, I am passionate about staying at the forefront of new technology, while identifying unique opportunities to revitalize traditional mediums. Equal parts creative and strategic, I am known for bringing bold ideas to life that are backed by data and analytics.

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ESPN 2010 World Cup

A campaign on the world’s stage, at ESPN I led the U.S digital media strategy spearheading influencer marketing, innovative display and mobile tactics, and content partnerships to drive awareness and viewership for World Cup 2010.

Watchmen (HBO)

Led the cross-functional marketing effort to align on the creative roll out for tease and trailer drop to maximize reach and drive buzz for the Watchmen premiere. Given the popularity of Watchmen, I championed practical ways to leverage owned media to promote its companion podcast.


The multi-year programming deal with VICE provided an opportunity to test, learn and scale best practices to drive tune-in for news-magazine programming on the network.

ESPN FILMS 30 For 30

ESPN Films has produced some of the best sports documentaries (and now) podcasts! Leading the media strategy for this brand, I learned the critical differences between marketing live sports and original series.

Lead media strategist for multiple NBA regular and playoff seasons.

My direct experience working with the NBA allowed me to cut my teeth early in my career. I oversaw media in markets for live events and developed contingency media plans to react to the the historical NBA lockout.

2019 GOT Series Finale

GOT series finale drove in the highest linear audience in HBO’s history and amassed over 40 MM viewers across platforms. I provided the strategic framework for cross promotion on GOT premiere nights which directly contributed to the ratings success of debut series: Chernobyl and Watchmen.

How to Watch ESPN Deportes Without Cable TV in 2021
ESPN Deportes

Sitting within the ESPN media team, I supported the ESPN Deportes/International marketing team by sharing best practices, identifying internal opportunities for synergy, and advising on media plans to ensure robust go-to-market plans for LATAM territories.

The Outsider (HBO)

The rating success of this campaign (and others at HBO) heavily relied on a passion for the content and understanding of the internal levers to pull. I elevated the on-channel marketing campaign for The Outsider by partnering with programming and content teams to create linear and digital stunts for cross-promotion to effectively optimize reach and frequency among the M35+ thriller/horror viewer.

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