Christina Wisboro

Connecting podcasters with audiences.

I have a genuine passion for connecting with others through storytelling.

My career pivot.

After 12+ years in the media industry, I found myself laid off, like many others, amid the pandemic. I viewed this time as an opportunity to pursue my passion for writing and audio. I was selected to participate in a Podcast Fellowship hosted by The Gotham Film & Media Institute in January 2021. The work I created throughout the podcast program affirmed what I instinctually knew: my superpowers (empathy, curiosity and affective presence) are well suited for audio.

The 9-week intensive course laid bare all of my vulnerabilities and challenged me in the best way possible. I walked away with a renewed purpose to produce and support universally relatable stories. After a long and successful career in media strategy I decided to pivot my focus towards audio content and marketing.

My entertainment and media experience provide many transferrable skills to create and promote audio content.

I am easy to talk to.

I am a mega-fan of TV and pop-culture and have had the good fortune to be content and programming adjacent throughout my career, which has led to strong creative instincts, ideal for group edits and mining audio gems for marketing.

I am deft at overseeing multiple projects in a fluid environment where priorities often shift- managing multiple media campaigns is akin to managing the various stages of a podcast launch.

My sphere of influence runs across media, entertainment, and philanthropic circles – useful for cross promotion for a variety of podcasts.

My media and marketing-mindedness, will allow me to quickly identify and coordinate with the right people to drive a successful podcast launch.

I am versed at supporting creative/gut instincts with data.

Having led a team for many years, my ability to navigate tricky and sensitive conversations has provided me with the soft skills (tact, diplomacy) that serves me well in a collaborative field like audio.

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