Christina Wisboro

Connecting podcasters with audiences.

I participated in a Podcast Certificate Program hosted by The Gotham Film & Media Institute in 2021, where I…

Acquired the fundamental techniques of long-form narrative audio storytelling to tell compelling stories through clear and conversational writing, interviews, and sound.

  • Gained proficiency with cutting tape, mixing, and recording in Hindenburg
  • Created transcripts, act-breakdowns, and scripts
  • Interviewed and prepped guests, wrote tracking, and mixed various pieces including a VOX POP.
  • Participated in group edits; learning how it necessitates great audio stories
  • Learned the ins and outs of remote recordings using video ( ZOOM, GOOGLE MEET)
  • Obtained strong understanding of audio landscape including major distributors, creators, and production houses
  • Pitched, shaped, and produced a 10+ minute audio narrative on deadline while incorporating editor notes.

Check out my audio samples here!

Virtual Presentation of my final audio project @ The Gotham Film & Media Institute

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