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The Best Parts

I created a personal audio narrative that explores generational trauma through the lens of my father and I’s reconciliation after 25 years of being estranged.

You took a complex and emotional story and told it in a clear way that is at once specific to you, and universally relatable. That’s a real achievement. 

Eleanor Kagan

Vox Pop: What is a Microaggression?

I reached out to my former female colleagues to help set the record straight about microaggressions in the workplace. It’s a real occurrence that women, women of color, and marginalized groups experience more often than not.

Stitch Please

The official podcast of Black Women Stitch, the sewing group where Black lives matter. I produce, score and edit transcripts for Lisa Woolfork and her amazing SEWing community.

Episode 100: Lisa in the guest chair for her hallmark episode!

Episode 95: Life’s Tapestry with Florence Taylor

Christina Wisboro is an excellent audio creative. She mentioned that she was interested in developing her portfolio as a podcaster. And I was THRILLED and DELIGHTED when I learned this. Since that time, Christina has produced two very special episodes for our organization’s podcast. In both instances, Christina’s creativity, her careful listening, and her ability to pace and light an episode are beautifully represented in the final project. She has been a boon to the podcast: she takes the task seriously and shares my vision for the podcast being the best it can be. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I have reached out to Christina who accepted the task of creating something wonderful. I highly recommend her work. Thank you, Christina!

Lisa Woolfork (host/producer)

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