Christina Wisboro

Connecting podcasters with audiences.

  1. My approach to audio and podcasting will be similar to how I meet everyday life: with an open mind, practicing non-judgment, and an intersectional perspective. Oh, and with LOTS OF LAUGHS!
  2. I am easy to talk to.
  3. I am a mega-fan of TV and have had the good fortune to be content and programming adjacent throughout my career, which has led to strong creative instincts, ideal for group edits and mining for audio gems.
  4. I am deft at overseeing multiple projects in a fluid environment where priorities often shift- managing multiple media campaigns is akin to managing the various stages of production in audio.
  5. My sphere of influence runs across media, entertainment, and philanthropic circles, useful for innovative pitches and identifying and booking guests.
  6. My media and marketing-mindedness, will allow me to quickly identify and coordinate with the right people to drive a successful podcast launch.
  7. In media, I used data, analytics, and narrative to drive strategy and persuade audiences. I am versed at supporting creative/gut instincts with facts.
  8. Having led a team for many years, my ability to navigate tricky and sensitive conversations has provided me with the soft skills (tact, diplomacy) that will serve me well in a collaborative field like audio.

Words I live by….

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