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When women support each other, incredible things happen!

As I grew into my roles at ESPN and HBO, my confidence in my ability to help others also increased, and I became an informal mentor for many junior colleagues. I relished it- I was determined to remain approachable and available to others. Full disclosure- I struggled to find direct mentorship, which motivated me.

So, when the opportunity presented itself, I happily accepted the position as NYC Co-chair for Women@HBO, the Employee Resource Group for women (now WarnerMedia).

I led events and workshops and created a community for all female employees at HBO. One where women convened to openly discuss and address their challenges, including the lack of equity in pay and representation. All this work predated Diversity and Inclusion efforts at the company, which are much more prevalent today than even a couple of years ago.

On a personal note, I learned the power of having a solid network of women in your corner. It’s the bedrock for women’s advancement, whether professional or personal.

For example, I was still on the Women@HBO steering committee (not a co-chair) when I voiced my idea to understand and address the need for intersectionality in the workplace. The women around the table listened.

Having Kimbrelé Crenshaw in the building validated the Black experience, pa

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